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Setting clear expectations when hiring a Service Provider

Having clear expectations at the start of a service request and maintaining them throughout the completion of work is integral to a service request’s success. Below are some tips for how to make sure you’re both on the same page and ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.

Communicate clearly

Favo makes it easy to communicate with your Service Provider with category-specific request forms to capture relevant service request information and our secure messaging platform to simplify communication.
Be very clear in communicating your expectations, timeline, and the requirements for your service request. If you want a specific type of paint used on your home or if you expect your conference photos to be edited a week after the event, let the Service Provider know that so they can plan accordingly.  For home alterations in particular, providing photos of other service requests that are similar in style or quality can be extremely useful to help Service Providers understand your expectations.. This prevents any unexpected delays or misunderstandings so that your service request is successfully completed on time.
Don’t wait until the end of a service request to voice your concerns or unhappiness. If you think something isn’t going well, raise the issue arises when it arises.


Maintain Proper Records

In addition to clearly communicating expectations for your service request, it’s a good idea to record those expectations in writing. Favo’s messaging platform will store your conversation with the Service Provider. For longer-term or high-value service requests, it may be best to sign a contract before beginning the service request. This further guarantees that you and the Service Provider agree, and will be invaluable in the rare case that anything goes wrong.