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Reviews From Favo Customers

A review from a customer you met on Favo is marked as a vetted review on your profile. All vetted reviews will be displayed on your profile, along with reviews from customers you met outside of Favo. Reviews from outside Favo will be published after approval from our admin team.

While we do give customers the option to add an update to their review, we don’t edit, change, or remove reviews that comply with our Content and Review Policy.

How to get vetted reviews
You can ask any customer you've met on Favo to leave a vetted review. Here are a few ways you can do that: 

  • Mark yourself as hired. We'll email any customers who hire you and ask them to leave a vetted review. 
  • Send a follow-up message to your Favo customers. After customers read your message on Favo, they're only a few clicks away from your review page. 
  • Double check that your existing reviews from Favo customers are marked as vetted. To verify an existing review,  

    Customers updating vetted reviews 
    Favo customers can post an update to vetted reviews. In their update, customers can share additional details about their experience they weren’t able to include beforehand (such as photos showing off your great work). 

    Whenever a customer updates their vetted review, we'll send you an email letting you know. On your profile you'll see the update next to the original review.

    Why are reviews vetted? 
    When customers view your profile they appreciate reading reviews from other Favo customers to help them determine if you’re right for their project. These vetted reviews give your review rating credibility and increase customer trust. 

    Why do you allow reviews that aren’t vetted?
    We know it takes effort to build your reputation and we want to recognize the great work you’ve done for all your customers (on Favo and off).