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Resolve Issues With a Project

If you’re currently working with a provider but things aren’t going as planned, we have a few suggestions to help you work toward a solution.

And if you’re still waiting to receive quotes from Service Providers or getting ready to make a hiring decision, check out a few tips to help you hire with confidence.

Communicate clearly
Discuss project concerns openly with any Service Providers you’ve decided to hire to make sure you share the same expectations. Service Providers recognize that happy customers and word-of-mouth recommendations are important to their business. In most cases, Professional Service Providers will be glad to make adjustments as long as they know what you expect from them.

Put it in writing
A contract or signed agreement can set clear expectations for both parties and remove any confusion about the details of your project.

Even if you didn’t start out with a contract or written agreement, it’s not too late. Work together with the professional to come up with a plan and put it in writing. That way, it will be easier to keep your project on track and clear up future questions.