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Reporting of Suspicious Messages through the Favo platform

We do our best to catch suspicious messages from Service Providers, but we want to hear from you if you received something we missed. 

When to report a message

If you ever notice any of the following you should report the message: 
  • A Service Provider asking for personal information that you normally wouldn’t share. 
  • A Service Provider asking for you to contact or forward money to an outside party.
  • A Service Provider asking you to wire funds via Western Union, Moneygram, or another wire service. 
  • A Service Provider who uses a different email address or phone number than the one they shared in their request. 
  • A Service Provider asking you to sign up for a different credit card service than the one you provide".
  • Anything suspicious.

How to report a message

If you need to flag a message that seems to go against Favo content policies and guidelines, flag the Service Provider profile and let us know by contacting us directly at [email protected]

We always want you to feel comfortable working with the Service Providers you meet on Favo, so please flag any messages you’re concerned about.