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Responding To Negative Reviews From Favo Customers

Favo relies on honest, genuine reviews from our customers. As a result, we very rarely delete reviews.

We know it’s disappointing to receive a negative review.

Writing a response to your review

Review responses are best when they clearly (but briefly) state your thoughts in friendly yet professional tone and apologize as appropriate. A quality response explains any points in the review you want to clarify for future customers. Responding well to a negative review lets people know you are listening and that you are willing to receive feedback.

All reviews are screened before publishing. You have the option of flagging a review and Favo will investigate the review. Favo will contact you should you receive a negative review, before the review is published. This is an opportunity as a Service Provider to acknowledge feedback, as well as touch on areas of possible improvement. Responses to reviews from Customers, screened by Favo prior to submission, show future customers that you care.