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How to write Reviews on Favo

  • To leave a review, go to the Service Provider review page. After you’ve marked a pro as hired, you can review them by opening the Service Provider quote and clicking Review. 

Once you’re on the Service Provider review page, follow the steps below to leave your review: 
  1. Select a star rating between 1–5 with five being the highest rating. 
  2. Write about your experience. This option will appear after you select your star rating. Be sure to share specific details that explain the reason for your rating.
  3. Post your review!

Your review will be published on the Service Provider Favo Profile. 

Helpful tips

  • Reviews cannot be edited after posting.
  • You may receive a few (usually up to three) review reminders asking you to review the pro you hired. If you receive these review reminders before your project is finished, feel free to ignore them until you’re ready to leave a review.