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How Favo Credits Work and How to Manage Them

What are Favo Credits?
Favo is a pay-per-quote system where you buy credits and use them to send quotes to customers. “Pay-per-quote” means you only pay to quote, so we don’t charge commission on jobs you complete or on future projects with the same customer.

How do I buy credits?
You use credits each time you send a quote. Each credit costs R20, but discounts are available when purchasing credits in packs. When you run out of credits, you can buy more. At this time, the only way to buy credits is to send a quote. If you don’t have enough credits, we’ll prompt you to buy some after you click the “Send Quote” button. If you have questions about how to purchase credits, check out our sections Buy credits for the first time and Buy credits.

How many credits do I need to use to send a quote?
The number of credits required to quote will change with each request. The credits required for a quote depends on the value of the job and the competition in your market. Check out our section Cost to quote based on demand to learn more. 

How can I find my current credit balance?
You can view your credit balance and purchase history by going to your “My Wallet” under your profile. Favo credits never expire, so you can use them at the right pace for you and your business.