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Cost to Quote Based on Demand

As we’ve gained experience about your business and how we can best help you, we've found (and heard feedback from Service Providers like you) that there are many categories on Favo that are so competitive you often don't get the opportunity to quote! 

We’ve also found areas where the amount of quotes received on customer projects is very low. While there are Service Providers in the area, many of them tend to quote only on bigger jobs, leaving many customers without quotes.

To balance this (in both the highly competitive areas and in the less competitive areas), we’re updating the way quotes work. The cost to quote will now be set for each individual request, based on the demand for similar jobs. 

How the cost to quote will change based on demand

The number of credits you’ll need to send a quote will go up or down based on a few factors: 

  • The value of the job being requested by the customer
  • The number of available Service Providers who have quoted on similar requests.

From this information, we’ll decrease the amount of credits needed to quote on jobs with low demand and increase the amount of credits needed on jobs with high demand. The changes will reflect the current demand for your category, meaning you could see frequent adjustments in the number of credits needed to quote.

You’ll always see the number of credits needed to send a quote directly on the customer request. This can help you decide if the cost is right for you before you send a quote.


Does this apply to all categories?
Yes, all of our categories have the credits needed to quote based on the demand for similar jobs. 

Will the number of credits change on a request if I don’t quote right away?
No, once a customer submits their request the cost to quote on the request will remain the same the entire time the request is open. Requests won’t get more or less expensive after they’ve been submitted.