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How to Buy Favo Credits For The First Time

So you found a customer you’re interested in and you’re now ready to send them a quote to introduce your business. Before you send your quote, you'll need to purchase Favo Credits (which are kind of like postage to send a quote).

Here we walk you through sending a quote to a customer from start to finish, including purchasing your first credits.

1. Write your quote

When you’re interested in a customer’s project, you’ll create a quote. Include a price estimate and a personal message to the customer. Your profile and reviews will be included automatically. When you select the Send Quote button, you’ll be prompted to purchase credits.

2. Buy credits

We’ll start you off with your choice of one of our three highly discounted quote packs. You can pay with a credit card or through PayPal. After you use your first pack of credits, you’ll be able to buy individual credits or choose a new credit pack that works for you. We’ll let you know when it’s time to buy more.

3. Send your quote

After you’ve completed your credit purchase, you’ll be able to send your quote. We’ll then deduct those credits from your total credit balance. Any unused credits will remain in your account.