What are the Benefits of Using an Estate Agent?


What are the Benefits of Using an Estate Agent?

The role of the estate agent is to be the link between buyer and seller. The estate agent is also responsible for negotiating an agreement of sale acceptable to both parties. The agent then drafts an Offer to Purchase which must be signed by the seller, buyer and the estate agent. For their services, estate agents charge a negotiable commission fee which is paid by the seller and is usually a percentage of the selling price.

The following are some of the benefits of using an estate to buy or sell property:

Estate agents form a crucial link between buyers and sellers.

Estate agents will guide you through the search for the right neighbourhood and home for your budget.

An estate agent can work with a bond originator to you help you prequalify for a home.

An estate agent will know how to deal with the legal, financial and marketing issues in the appropriate manner.

The agent will also have knowledge of different sales techniques, financing alternatives, valuation methods, construction practices and relevant property laws and regulations.

An estate agent is usually familiar with the local property market and has an understanding of consumer behavior.

Buying property is a big investment and the estate agent plays a vital role in ensuring the security of your investment.

Estate agents must register with the Estate Agency Affairs Board, which keeps them to a code of conduct and certain provisions which are enforceable by means of disciplinary action.

An estate agent will advise you on the market value of your property.

Estate agents can help you market your property effectively.

The agent will assess prospective purchases to ascertain whether they are financially able to purchase your property.

Estate agents liaise with the conveyancing attorneys attending to the transfer of the property and assist them to expedite the registration process.

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