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About Fairwood

Fairwood is a small suburb that forms part of the Johannesburg Municipality and is a residential area. Linksfield Ridge, Orange Grove and Mountain View are suburbs surrounding Fairwood. The suburb is about an 8, 5 Km or 19 minutes’ drive from Johannesburg City Centre by using the M11 or Louis Botha Avenue.

Fairwood was established as a suburb of Johannesburg in 1905 and the area was developed by Richard Currie and George Goch. The name of the suburb Fairwood originated from the woodlands, these where found growing along the Linksfield Ridge.  This suburb has no schools of its own but there are many schools available in the surrounding areas of which Linksfield Primary is the nearest. 

In the area around Linksfield Ridge three Passes have been constructed namely Stewart Drive, Munro Drive and Sylvia Pass. These Passes separate the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg from the Southern Suburbs. Sylvia Pass is the shortest of the three and is only 333 meters in length and 290 meters high.

Due the short length of these three Passes it is possible to ride up and down all three in one hour. It forms part of the M33 that runs right through Fairwood and on to Linksfield Ridge and Cyrildene. This Pass is the only way over the hill and is therefore very congested in the early morning and late afternoon traffic, but it is preferred to the much more congested Louis Botha Avenue. It is also a very treacherous piece of road as there have been many casualties in the past due to speeding.